Tuesday, March 25, 2008

What to expect

Hello everybody and welcome to my tatting blog.

Here, you'll find tips, tricks and techniques that you'll also find at www.bellaonline/site/tatting where you'll see that I'm the tatting editor. If you've never checked out www.bellaonline before, you may want to do so now. It's a web site 'by women and for women'. Not that I believe that men can't join and help out. But, it's a community where basically women come together to help out others. We all know how women usually get shafted when they take their car to the mechanic, right? Well, believe it or not, we have a site on auto mechanics that's written by a woman! How cool is that?

You'll find that, in tatting as well as other aspects of my life, I like to take the unconventional approach. I look at almost everything and wonder how I can use it in my crafting. Therefore, I've found many interesting ways of doing those things that I love. One of my favorites is a crochet hook that I whittled from an old tree branch. No, it's nothing special and it's not even perfectly straight or symmetrical. But, it was carved with a pairing knife and it was free. Best of all...I MADE IT! I have many suggestions on how to do tatting without a tatting shuttle, or what to substitute a tatting needle with so that you can needle tat with yarn. I'm the queen of frugal crafting!

Anyway, please subscribe to my blog so that you'll get notices of the latest updates. Also, please let me know if you have any questions about tatting or if there's a pattern you're looking for or would like to see designed (not sure when I can get around to doing the designing with everything that I dabble into, but 'it could happen').

Frugal Craft Queen